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- Humachine Technologies & Sensual Racing Form -
The YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 are equipped with under cowls that are based on the image of a diffuser, to give them the best form for aero-management. These are not cowls for simply enclosing the engine, but forms composed of blade surfaces that actively control airflow. This spirit has been directly inherited by the YZF-R15.

Engine type
Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
Cylinder arrangement
Single cylinder
149 .8cc
Bore & Stroke
Compression ratio
Maximum power
17PS / 8,500rpm
Maximum torque
15 N.m / 7,500rpm
Starting system
Electric Start
Wet sump
Engine oil capacity
1.0 liters
Fuel tank capacity
12 liters
Fuel supply system
Electronic fuel injection
Ignition system
Primary / Secondary reduction ratio
3.042 / 3.000
Clutch type
Constant-mesh wet multi-plate
Transmission type
Return type 6-speed
Gear ratios
1st=2.833, 2nd=1.875, 3rd:=1.364,
4th=1.143, 5th=0.957, 6th=0.84
Frame type
Deltabox Frame
Caster / Trail
26° / 98mm
Tire size (Front / Rear)
90/80-17 / 130/70-R17
Brake type (Front / Rear)
Hydraulic, single disc (Front / Rear)
Suspension type (Front / Rear)
Telescopic / Linked type Monocross
Lo beam12V/35W X1, Hi beam12V/35W X2
12V, 3.5Ah (10H)
Overall length x width x height
1,970mm x 670mm × 1,070mm
Seat height
Minimum ground clearance
Kerb weight

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Why it is priced higher than the other competitors?

This bike is the first super sports bike of india. Some of the features are india's first like liquid cooled engine. Delta box frame,six speed gear box etc. Although the enigne is 150 cc but due to the technology used it can out perform even a 220 cc bike.

Why it is 150 cc?

The bike is a perfect combination of technology,power,price and performance. Keeping these components in mind we decided to develop a 150 cc engine.

Why is the rear tyre thin?

special soft compound is used for r15 tyres which provides excellent grip during steep cornering. Keeping in view the road conditions and concept of the bike the tyre has been made thin.

What is liquid cooled engine?

In this type of engine coolant fluid is used to cool the enigne than the conventional air cooling engine system which uses the running air flow to cool the engine.The coolant in liquid cooled engine absorbs the engine noise. Liquid cooling ensures stable engine performance in high speed riding, on up hills, in traffic jams and on hot days.The similar technology is used in MOTO GP.

What is delta box frame?

Delta means the triangular shape of the frame,because the cross section of the frame is a box shape, it is called delta box frame.Delta box frame improves the machine's handling stability.

Why is there is no kick start?

The concept of the bike is super sports hence we have provided the ES which is very reliable. We are very confident of our quality and assure you that there will be no need of kick start to start the bike.

Why the height is lower?

R15 is based on the super sports concept of our R series bikes. The latess SS bikes are compact & dynamically balanced. The emphasis is given on the performance and handling of the bike. The overall design of R15 is such that the man machine interation is very close.

What are the accessories I can fit to improve the performance of the R15?

Yamaha has tied up with Daytona to provide high performance racing kits. The body kit includes a wave rotor disc, special front and rear brakes hoses & a front brake master cylinder. The engine kit includes a remapped ECU for better throttle response & higher performance then the stock r15 , a racing camshaft for better engine breathing at high speeds, a chain & sprocket set & a racing muffler kit. A r15 fitted with Daytona high performance parts has broken the 150 kmph barrier to become the fastest bike in India.

How reliable is the fule injection stystem in the R15? Bajaj stopped providing the fuel injection stystem on the pulsar 220?

The FI ststem on the R15 is a tried & tested from yamaha, after years of implementing & fine tuning the system on its race winning superbikes & even their road bikes. This is one of the most advanced FI stystem in the country now. And Yamaha's bullet proof reliability & excellent service will ensure that you enjoy your R15 for years to come.