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Riding the wave of sports biking and adding more zing to its portfolio, India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd has introduced SS 125 Packed with the advantages of 4-stroke, 125 cc, 11 PS, 5-speed bike; the Stylish and Sporty SS125 is a unique combination of sports biking and style. Yamaha’s race-bred technology enhances the convenience in riding, agile cornering and precise braking like no other bike can. Added to this, the SS125 has been designed for substantial and overall improvement in running performance, overall sporty design and product reliability with added features and advantages of practical functionality of commuting bikes, such as fuel economy and cost effectiveness.

Engine type
Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
123 cc
Bore & Stroke
54.0 x 54.0 mm
Compression ratio
Maximum output
11 PS/7500 rpm (8 KW@7500rpm)
Maximum torque
10.4 Nm/6,500 rpm
Starting system
Electric starter and kickstarter
Wet sump
Cylinder layout
Forward-inclined single cylinder
Ignition system
Clutch type
Wet, multiple disc
Fuel Supply
Primary/Secondary reduction ratio
Prim r = 68/20 (3.400); sec r = 45/14 (3.214)
Transmission Type
5-gear Constant mesh
Gear ratios
1st - 33/11 (3.000)
2nd - 32/18 (1.778) 
3rd - 25/19 (1.316) 
4th - 23/22 (1.045) 
5th - 21/24 (0.875) 
Frame type
Diamond tubular type
12V 35/25W Halogen bulb
Telescopic fork, Swingarm
Brake Type(Front/Rear)
Disk, drum
Tyre size(Front/Rear)
2.75-18.4PR, 3.00-18.6PR
26.0 degree/90.0 mm
Overall length x width x height
1995 x 730 x 1110 mm
Seat height
795 mm
1,295 mm
Minimum ground clearance
155 mm
With oil and fuel
125 kg
Fuel tank capacity
13.6 litres
Engine oil volume
1 litres

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What is the speical in the Yamaha ss 125?

The yamaha ss 125 is a bike that has been designed to give you a combination of stylish looks and a sporty ride experience. The long wheel base gives it a big bike feel. The SS 125 has some unique styling features and technology which is inspired from some of yamaha's ofamous bikes.

What is YTPS technology?

The SS125 is the only bike in its segment to offer YTPS or yamaha throttle position sensor technology YTPS or yamaha throttle position sensor teachnology YTPS results in highly precise adjustable to the ignition based on engine rpm and throttle postion. The benefits for your include instant picks up at all engine speed, no loss in power in certain conditon and good fuel economy. In fact the gladiator can pick up in 5th gear from as low as 30 kmph quite easily.

What is the use of tachnometer?

A tachnometer is a device that tells you the speed at which the engine is running. The benefits is that you can change gear at the correct rpm which leads to better performance and increased fuel efficiency . This feature is usually found on larger sports bikes and hence adds to the yamaha ss 125 sporty feel.

What is the advantage of an air flow filter in the SS125?

The air flow filter in the SS125 is a paper element filter in comparison to the competitions oil bath type air filter. This filter consists of paper element folded together to privide a larger surface area to filter out the air and also allows more air to flow to the engine, thus providing more oxygen to burn in the engine , thereby increasing performance.